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PHP Security Consortium

The PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC) is an international group of PHP experts dedicated to promoting secure programming practices within the PHP community. [more...]


PHP Security Consortium work is organized into projects. These projects can consist of documentation, utilities, and any other resources that promote the Consortium's mission.

Each month, we select a noteworthy project as our Project Spotlight. We also announce new projects and new releases of existing projects as they are completed.


In an effort to highlight sound security practices in PHP development, we publish articles that exhibit a high level quality and accuracy. These articles can be written by members of the general PHP community but are subject to Consortium approval.

We also host a Library that contains links to approved external resources.

Project Spotlight: PHP Security Guide

The PHP Security Guide is a guide for PHP developers that covers some of the most common security concerns. Based on the PHP Security Workbook by Chris Shiflett, the Guide is now an official project of the PHP Security Consortium. We are proud to announce version 1.0 of the Guide, available in HTML and DocBook Lite formats (PDF coming soon).

(Note: The PHP Security Guide is only available in English. Translations are greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to contribute a translation.)